On Thursday, it was announced that fired FBI Director James Comey would be publicly testifying on his relationship with President Trump and claims that he is expected to make surrounding reports that Trump asked him to drop the Russia investigation.

Truth-seekers are eager to hear Comey’s side of the story, especially since the Russia scandal has so far been mired in anonymous reports and “sources say” rhetoric.

Unfortunately, one thing may come between Comey’s truth and the public’s ears – President Donald Trump. Under the constitution, Trump has the ability to invoke his presidential powers to silence Comey before Congress.

The possibility was brought to light by White House adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Conway indicated that the President would allow Comey to testify when she said “we’ll be watching with the rest of the world when Director Comey testifies,” during an interview with ABC News. 

Still, when asked directly whether or not Trump would invoke his presidential powers to stop the hearing, Conway simply replied,

“The president will make that decision.”

According to legal experts, Trump could indeed silence Comey by invoking executive privilege to stop his testimony. Of course, the criticism that this decision would draw would be monumental, especially in the face of the widespread belief that Trump has something to hide.

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