Donald Trump invented a new word in an unhinged tweet Tuesday evening – Covfefe. The tweet itself is concerning, but what’s even more concerning is the fact that insiders say the President is growing depressed, emotionally withdrawing from others, and gaining weight as the Russia scandal threatens to take down his presidency. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. 


On Tuesday evening something interesting happened on Donald Trump’s Twitter account. He got out and said that in spite of all the negative press kafeefee, and that was it. That was the Tweet. Now, granted it’s half a sentence, half a thought. It was the kafeefee word that got everybody up in arms. Twitter went into this, basically mocking Donald Trump for hours upon hours upon hours for his made up word. People suggesting that maybe kafeefee is Russian for I’m resigning. You know, here’s the thing. This wasn’t just Donald Trump had a stroke in the middle of a Tweet. This was Donald Trump, I guess, probably tried to Tweet something out, auto correct nabbed it, he accidentally hit Tweet, probably had to call some people in there, “How the hell do I delete this? I don’t know what I’ve done.”

We’ll never know what the original thought was going to be in that Tweet. Now here’s the thing. That’s the humorous part. There is a sadder part to this story about Donald Trump. That is, that according to White House insiders, Donald Trump is emotionally withdrawing from people in the White House, and he’s gaining weight. Now the reason he’s doing this is, according to these people inside the White House, Donald Trump has sunk into a depression because of the ongoing investigations into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. We know in the last week Jared Kushner has been roped into this. In the last couple days Donald Trump’s own lawyer has been looped into this investigation. Things are getting worse by the day for Donald Trump.

At this point, you know we have Senator Al Franken, that there’s almost no doubt any more that there was collusion. The investigation is inching closer and closer to Donald Trump himself, so he’s getting depressed. Again, no sympathy here for Donald Trump. The sad part of the story doesn’t revolve around him. It revolves around the people that still have to work for him, that still have to serve him as his employees. These are the people who get called in to fix it when this idiot can’t delete his own Tweet, when he can’t spell a word. You know this crisis management group really that’s in the White House, that has to whitewash all of this or put out press releases saying what a great personality Donald Trump has.

Those are the people I have sympathy for at this point. Not of the press Donald Trump who created all of these problems for himself. He’s got honest, regular, working folks that are there in that White House that every day have to go to work, hating their jobs, according to reports, and still put up with this man because they know that this is their job. They have to do it, it’s hard to find work elsewhere. They wanted to work in the White House, not necessarily under these conditions, but this is what they’re stuck with. They have to deal with this giant man child walking around like a pouty baby because members of his campaign staff most likely broke the law. His son-in-law most likely broke the law. Donald Trump most likely broke the law.

He can be pissy if he wants about this, and again I have no sympathy for him, but I do feel bad for all the people that have to work in the White House and put up with this giant man child, pouting around, acting like it’s everybody else’s fault, taking no responsibility for his own actions, so when he gets mocked on Twitter, for creating a word that doesn’t exist, and maybe wants to go comfort himself with some nice comfort food, fine. It’s the people that have to put up with him on a daily basis, the people that have to go and clean up his giant messes, those are the people we feel sorry for. These headlines about Donald Trump is emotionally withdrawing, don’t feel bad for Donald, feel bad for the people that have to go and clean up after this man child.