Donald Trump still wants his daily intelligence briefings to include pictures and videos and charts as opposed to actual intelligence, according to those tasked with briefing the president about the state of global affairs.  These intelligence experts have expressed their concerns about Trump as someone who has no idea what he’s doing, and doesn’t show too many signs of wanting to learn. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. 

Transcript of the above video:

According to recent interviews with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and National Intelligence Director Daniel Coates in the Washington Post this past weekend, Donald Trump still prefers in his daily intelligence briefings to have lots of pictures and for anything written to be less than one page long. Essentially, these intelligence officials have reconfirmed the Donald Trump wants them to continue to dumb down the intelligence process while presenting him with this vital information.

That’s part of the story that most of us have all ready known about. We covered this issue several months ago, it came out when Donald Trump first took office. He wants lots of pictures, make it simple, dumb it down as much as possible so even anyone, really, could understand what they’re trying to say. Here’s what’s really scary from what these intelligence directors have said. They’re worried about presenting this information to Donald Trump at all.

First of all, he does, according to them, according to this article, have a hard time following it. Typically he asks questions that are not related to what’s going on. “He brings up random asides,” they said, and “Kind of takes them off focus.” The reason they’re really concerned about presenting him with this information, is that they don’t know if they can even trust him with it.

Now think about how scary that is. We have somebody who is the most powerful person in the United States, possibly one of the most powerful people in the world, and the people tasked with informing that person about what’s happening on this planet are afraid that he is going to either accidentally or intentionally divulge that information to people who aren’t allowed to know it.

Now we’ve all ready seen reports earlier this week that Trump handed classified info, intelligence to a Democratic aide to take back to his boss, while the rest of his staff, the Trump staff, looked on in horror. This was information that this person was not supposed to get their hands on. They don’t know if that person looked through it. Furthermore, we know that Donald Trump has let little nuggets of classified information slip out during conversations with people, so the intelligence community is rightfully concerned. They’re more concerned about Donald Trump leaking this information than the are about the fact that they have to put it in a picture form.

It all boils down to this, and this is at the heart of what these intelligence officials said, they’re doing the best they can considering that we have a president who has no prior experience whatsoever with dealing with this kind of information. Donald Trump obviously having never served any kind of office has never had access to any kind of classified information that doesn’t involve his own company. Now he’s in charge of national security for the entire country. Every person in the United States, their national security is 100% dependent upon Donald Trump. A man who intelligence officials tell us they can’t even trust to keep classified information secret.