Senator Bernie Sanders is officially against the appointment of career politician Joe Lieberman to replace fired FBI Director James Comey.

Lieberman emerged this week as the leading frontrunner in candidates being considered by Donald Trump to replace Comey. After interviewing each candidate, it appears Lieberman may be the nominee the Trump administration will put forth.

Though Lieberman is considered by some as a good bipartisan choice, his history has Senator Sanders concerned.

Sanders made his stance on Lieberman clear on Friday afternoon when he tweeted his thoughts:

“The next FBI director cannot be perceived as a political appointee. Unfortunately, Joe Lieberman does not fit that description.”

Sanders explained his position further in a statement, saying that Lieberman’s history would make him a divisive choice in an already overly-divisive political atmosphere.

Sanders’ statement:

“In this difficult moment in American history, when there is so much mistrust in government, the next FBI director must be a person who commands bipartisan support. He or she cannot be perceived as a political appointee or someone representing the interests of the Trump administration. Unfortunately, Joe Lieberman does not fit that description. Senator Lieberman’s political history, and his extreme views on a number of issues, would make him a very contentious and divisive nominee. That is not what we need now for the next FBI director.”

When the news broke that Lieberman was the likely nominee for the FBI director position, critics pointed to past actions of the man as evidence for his inability to dutifully lead the bureau.


Others pointed to Lieberman’s hostile relationship with the press.

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