Apparently, Donald Trump’s ego is so fragile that other world leaders and heads of embassies are having to instruct their staff and personnel on the best ways to heap praise on the President so that he doesn’t feel weird.  It’s a sad day when America has become the country that has to be given constant praise and approval like a spoiled child, but that’s the type of person we have running this country today. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

Recently we talked about the fact that a report had come out, NATO officials were instructing other foreign leaders on how to present their speeches at an upcoming NATO conference, in order to make them short enough for Donald Trump to be able to pay attention. Well now, we’re getting a little bit more information that shows just how childish Donald Trump is, and how every world leader that he’s going to meet on his current overseas tour, his first one since being elected, how they have to handle him with kid gloves in order to keep him happy.

According to this latest report, Embassy leaders are telling their staff, telling their counterparts, as well as other heads of state, how to best compliment Donald Trump, in order to keep him happy during his visit. First of all they say, make sure you congratulate him on his Electoral College win, because, according to them, Donald Trump is a guy who puts a lot of stock into winning and losing. So these Embassy heads, these heads of state, are going to have to go up to Donald Trump and say, “Hi, Mr US President, congrats on winning the Electoral College, sorry you didn’t win the popular vote.” Because he’s such an egomaniac, such a narcissist, that they understand the only way to get on his good side, or to keep him happy, is to play to that ego.

In fact, a former British Ambassador said the following, he said, this is what he said, “Bear in mind this is a guy who still focuses on wins.” Because that’s all it is for Donald Trump, it’s not about leading, it’s about winning. It’s about the fact that he won the President, and Hillary Clinton did not. It doesn’t matter what he’s accomplished since then, which is relatively nothing, all that matters in this man’s mind is that he won the election. He is the President, and you’re not.

Other world leaders understand that, in a way that United States voters and citizens do not. They understand that this man doesn’t care about the future of the country, he doesn’t care about alliances, all he cares about is that people understand and know, that he’s a winner, and you’re a loser. Again, this is absolutely embarrassing for everyone in the United States. If this situation was reversed and another country came to us and said, “Okay look, you’re going to have to compliment our Prime Minister, tell him what a good guy he is, tell him what a great leader he’s been, congratulate on his election.” We would laugh it off and say, “That’s ridiculous, we’re not going to do that. We’re not going to dumb down entire foreign policy, we’re not going to dumb down NATO, we’re not going to dumb down an ambassador trip, just to please your guy.” But that’s what we’re having to have other countries do. And it’s not necessarily that the United States asked them to do this, it’s that they understand they don’t want to piss him off, because he’s a hothead who can’t be trusted.

All they want to do is get through their little May 25th NATO meeting and move on. Hopefully the next time they call one of these meetings, Donald Trump won’t be the US President, at that point maybe they’ll be dealing with Mike Pence, but for now they understand that we have a man child in the White House, and they have to treat him as such, if they want him to at least pretend to play along with whatever NATO wants to get accomplished in the world.