According to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, White House advisor Kellyanne Conway secretly hates Donald Trump, and once claimed that she needed to take a shower after appearing in the media to defend him.  Is there any truth to this, or is Scarborough trying to jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon? Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

According to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Kellyanne Conway, White House Counselor to the President, advisor to the President, whatever she’s calling herself this week, but Kellyanne Conway secretly hates Donald Trump. Now, again, that’s coming from Morning Joe himself. And he says the reason that he’s saying this is because during the campaign, after Kellyanne Conway would come on their program, and defend Donald Trump, as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, as soon as the audio was turned off, at one point, Kellyanne Conway said, “Blech. I need to go take a shower.” That’s the exact quote, actually, that Scarborough said that she said.

Now, I don’t know if Joe Scarborough is telling the truth. Not exactly a great track record. He’s defended Trump tooth and nail, then he goes after him, then he defends him. So he really, you know, had played both sides of this pretty well, which means that we don’t know which side he’s actually on. And so as for his allegations against Kellyanne Conway, maybe she does dislike her boss. Maybe she is unhappy with Donald Trump. But, the evidence would suggest that she is not.

She has been nothing but an enthusiastic, ardent supporter of Donald Trump since day one. She is the one that he consistently relies on to go out there in the media and defend him regardless of what he’s said. She always delivers, even when she gets herself into trouble, as long as it takes the attention away from Donald Trump.

So, perhaps Joe Scarborough is telling the truth. Maybe it’s one of those rare instances where he’s being honest and forthright with people. But I just don’t buy it. The evidence suggests that Kellyanne Conway not only loves Donald Trump, but that she loves her job. A few weeks ago, when there was reports that Donald Trump had all his staff down at Mar-A-Lago, and made them make lists of all his accomplishments, Kellyanne Conway was down there running groups, helping people out, making these great, grand lists, and essentially being the President’s right hand woman, at this point, to get staffers all together, to join together, in rallying support for Donald Trump.

So if she secretly hates him, she is hiding it very, very well. What I think is really happening here, is that Joe Scarborough knows that he can say something about Kellyanne Conway and the press is going to pick it up. They’re going to run with it, they’re going to go with it, maybe he’s trying to get Kellyanne Conway fired, which would be great. But I think overall, the reason Scarborough’s coming forth and saying this, is because he wants more ratings. And anytime, the corporate media talks about Kellyanne Conway, or puts her on the air, they know they’re going to get more eyeballs glued to those screens, just to see what she is going to say, or in this case, what somebody like Joe Scarborough is going to say about her.