Donald Trump is once again toying with the idea of pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but the U.N. is now warning him that doing so will be a disaster for the U.S. economy because it will kill American jobs.  Let’s see if Trump responds to these warnings like an adult, or if he does what he always does and ignores the warnings of intelligent people. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

Once again this week Donald Trump has said that he’s still considering whether or not to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accords.

Before he took office, he promised us he was going to pull out, “It’s a horrible deal. I don’t like. I don’t even believe in climate change. We’re going to be done with this.” Then he kinda softened, then he said, “We’re coming out.” Then he softened again, and now again he’s saying that he’s thinking about pulling the United States out of this.

During this up and down cycle of schizophrenia that the President has had about the Paris climate deal. We have had business organizations actually come forward to warn the President that pulling us out of this deal is the worst idea “You’ve ever had.” And ironically the people warning him about not pulling him out of the deal, are the fossil fuel industry. Oil companies, coal companies, fracking companies. They’re all telling Donald Trump, “That if you pull us of this deal, it’s going to destroy American businesses.” The reason for that is because American goods will be less competitive on a market when we do not sign onto a climate agreement that hundreds of other countries have also signed onto. Our goods will be more expensive because we don’t reduce our emissions. Therefore, our goods will be unsellable overseas.

Donald Trump doesn’t quite grasp that concept, and I know that fossil fuel companies are saying, “Don’t pull out of the agreement,” for their own selfish reasons, but at least they’re telling him to stay in it. Now this week with Donald Trump saying “We may pull out of it.” The United Nations finally stepped in and warned Donald Trump that, “If you do this. If you pull out of this Paris climate agreement, not only is it going to hit your businesses by not being to sell their goods. It’s going to kill jobs in the United States.” Here is why once those goods become unsellable overseas, once the prices get marked up so high because we’re not part of the Paris climate agreement. Once your businesses no longer have a voice on the global market because you pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, these companies are going to have to cut workers. Suddenly there is less demand for their goods. Production has to slow down. You will lose thousands upon thousands of American jobs just by pulling out of this Paris climate agreement.

Furthermore, you’re losing, even more, jobs than you currently have because by pulling out of this agreement and by your own admission you want to cut investment renewable energy. Your failing to create jobs that are out there ready to go. Jobs in solar, wind, hydropower. Those are jobs that could be created tomorrow if the federal government was willing to put in those investments. The renewable energy sector in the United States is the fastest growing energy sector in the country. We now employ more people in renewable than we do in coal. Yet we’re so worried about those coal jobs.

Hilary Clinton actually had a plan when she was running for president to spend 30 billion dollars re-training fossil fuel workers to work in the renewable energy sector. No jobs lost, just switch from one industry to the other. Nobody had to worry about anything. That was one of the best. I take that … That was the best plan that we ever heard from Hilary Clinton. One of the best plans we ever heard from a Democrat.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to do that. Businesses don’t want to do that, but they certainly don’t want to lose their sales. They don’t care about the workers. They just want to make sure they still get those profits, but the UN is telling us that there is no way you can have it both ways.

You may not agree with climate change. Fine, but if you want to keep the United States economically viable, you’d better stay in this agreement because you’re dealing with forces. You’re dealing with numbers that your tiny little Donald Trump brain can’t even begin to understand, and that’s one of the big problems with Donald Trump. He doesn’t understand. He doesn’t see the big picture. Man doesn’t understand economics. He certainly doesn’t understand climate change and he damn sure doesn’t understand that those two things, economics, and climate change are very closely related.

As we move forward in the United States in years to come, everybody is going to understand just how connected our economy is and how connected it can be in a good way to protecting the environment.