Between the rallies, the media appearances, and the statements from his administration, the Trump presidency so far has been one long pep rally for conservatives. But they don’t realize that this isn’t sustainable, and that sometimes you actually have to lead.  We need mature people in charge to steer this country, not cheerleaders. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about Donald Trump’s presidency, even though we’re a little over 100 days into office, it’s that every time this man gets on TV, every time he does an interview, every time he holds a rally, I realize that this entire presidency has been nothing but a nonstop pep rally, I guess, for conservative ideas. Now, let me explain this. Back during the actual presidential election, the campaign, every time we had a debate between Trump and Hillary, the media outlets were there, they had their little countdown clocks, “18 hours until the big thing.” They showed up on these campuses, there were literal marching bands going by, people were tailgating and throwing parties in the parking lot as if this was a college football game. I guess that imagery stuck with Donald Trump, because the only thing he’s done since he took office was hold a nonstop pep rally to tell us how great conservatism and more importantly, Trumpism is. That’s all this has been.

Anytime he goes out there, he’s attacking the other side, like you would in a pep rally, attacking the opposing team, calling them idiots, saying they’re incompetent, saying, “We’re going to beat them, don’t worry about them,” and then talking about how great he is and how great his Trump brand is. “How great is Mar-a-Lago, how great is this administration, how great are these people I’ve picked.” Those are things that he has said and that is all he’s capable of doing. He’s all talk and no action. Yeah, he’s so great, and wonderful, and blah, blah, blah. Fantastic, Trump. Great to hear that. It’s time for this nonstop pep rally to end. You have to stop going out there and telling us how great you are, and how great some republicans are, and how great other republicans are the next day. How about you guys actually do something? How about you go out and listen to the American public, instead of holding these rallies, these loyalty pep rallies and talking to them? How about make it the other way around?

How about you go out there and you listen to them and not just your supporters? Okay, because less than half of the country voted to elect you. In fact, I think we’re talking about 25% of the country elected you. How about you listen to that other 75, or 70, or 65%, or whatever it may be? Go listen to them and what they want, but more importantly, what they need to be able to survive in the United States today. Because, I guarantee you it’s not quite what you think. You may think that people don’t like Obamacare. You tell us every day on Twitter that it’s dead, but it’s very much alive. You know what? It’s also keeping people alive, about 10 million of them being kept alive because of a program that you want to kill because it was enacted by a Black democrat.

That’s it, that’s your reasoning. You won’t say it, but you don’t have to, because we understand it. Stop with the nonstop pep rallies and get out there and sit in an audience for once. Let some angry downtrodden Americans get on stage and tell you what needs to happen, instead of the other way around. People will say, “It’s a democracy, it’s a republic,” whatever it is, you have to listen to the people, because as of right now until you somehow manage to change this, we still have the power to get rid of you. If you want to keep your job, I suggest you call the pep rallies to an end and you get out there, listen to the public, and do what they want you to do.