In this Majority Report clip, we take a look at a series of tweets that Sean Hannity, who we all know nobody calls anymore, directed at Gabriel Sherman (without including Sherman’s Twitter handle, so…I guess Twitter is hard for Sean Hannity). Gabriel Sherman of “New York” magazine has long been covering the goings-on of the Fox News channel, and even wrote a book about the disgusting Mr. Roger Ailes.

Sam Seder is an American comedian, writer, actor, film director, television producer-director, and progressive talk radio host. His works include the film Who's the Caboose? (1997) starring Sarah Silverman and Seder, as well as the television shows Beat Cops (2001) and Pilot Season (2004). He also appeared in Next Stop Wonderland (1998). Seder also made guest appearances on Spin City (1997), Sex and the City (2000) and America Undercover (2005).