The Trump administration has launched their online database of potential criminal immigrants, and among those listed as dangerous are infants and toddlers. This is what fear does. We are so paranoid about immigrants that we don’t care who we catch in the net. Ring of fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this topic.

Transcript of the above video:

Earlier this week the Trump administration launched their online criminal immigrant database so that people can go in there and identify immigrants as criminals, I guess if they know something or they know somebody on this disgusting list that the Trump administration’s created. Well, immediately upon this list release, lawyers started going through it, and they noticed something that probably shouldn’t be there. The thing they noticed was that there were infants listed as criminals in this immigrant database created by the Trump administration.

Now, recently a couple weeks ago there was a toddler on a flight in the UK that was removed and basically sent in for questioning because this toddler, I believe it was a 2 year old in the UK, was listed as a suspected terrorist. Now, if you see where I’m going with this, yes, we do have some problems with the US immigration system. We have problems with the no fly list. We have problems with the terrorist identification, but when it gets to the point where we are so paranoid, not just here in the United States but apparently across the globe, that we’re willing to call infants and toddlers criminals, we have basically hit a point of no return.

We are not segregating lawbreakers from innocent people anymore. We’re just rounding everybody up for no reason and saying, “You’re all guilty until you prove your innocence.” That is essentially what has happened here. When the Trump administration starts calling infants, toddlers, minors criminal immigrants, then that is a very real problem that I don’t know the United States can move past from. Sure, they can write it off as maybe it was a flaw in the database. Maybe somebody entered the name wrong or the date of birth wrong, but that’s not what’s happening.

There are too many instances of this, again, not just in the US, across the globe, to where we’re just dragging the widest net possible hoping that maybe we pick out one or two bad guys. In the meantime, we’re creating a world of nightmares for children and their families all over this planet because we’re so damn paranoid that any time we get on a flight there’s going to be a terrorist there to take it down, or anybody crossing that Mexico/US border is coming over here to kill you, not kill somebody, they’re going to kill you. That’s how paranoid we are.

This is a disgusting way to live. Living in fear isn’t living, but that’s what we’ve become. That’s what Donald Trump manipulated in the American public when he won office. This fear of immigrants, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a 100 year old immigrant or a 1 year old immigrant. They’re all bad hombres, as Donald Trump wanted to say. That’s how we’re treating them. We are treating children who can’t even speak yet like they have committed some of the worst crimes in this country. You know, there have been plenty of times in my career in covering this kind of nonsense where I felt ashamed, but I don’t know that I have ever felt more ashamed of what my government is doing than I do after hearing this story.

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