When you look at Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, you realize that this country has a pathetic Internet troll as our current president.  And that should scare us all. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

Typically when we think of internet trolls we think of just angry people sitting at a computer with nothing better to do than harass and demean others anonymously. We don’t typically think of them sitting in the White House angrily typing away with their 70-year-old hands on a cell phone trying to make others feel small. Yet, that is what we have today. Donald Trump is our Internet Troll-in-Chief.

If you don’t believe me, just look at his Twitter feed. Just this morning he said that last night he had had a great phone call with President of China where they discussed the menace of North Korea. Now he wasn’t talking about the country itself being menacing, he referred to the country as a menace. You know, like ‘Dennis the Menace.’ Essentially, he is out there name-calling countries that have nuclear weapons capabilities because that’s all he knows how to do. His entire Twitter feed is made up of lies, false accusations and personal attacks on others, just like a typical internet troll. That is what, for some reason, people in this country thought made him a great person to be President of the United States.

Now it’s one thing when Donald Trump was just, you know, CEO, or whatever he was, of his own companies, going out there saying this stupid stuff online; but now he is the president. As President of the United States, we have to hold him to at least a little bit higher of a standard. We cannot have a president who goes out there on Twitter, on his personal Twitter account and on the @POTUS Twitter account, insulting other citizens of the United States, insulting other countries, making false claims that President Obama wiretapped him. That’s not acceptable behavior of a US President and, to be honest, that shouldn’t be acceptable behavior of anybody over the age of 70. This is what juvenile children do. Teenagers, adolescents, this is how they operate online because they haven’t yet developed the mental capacity to process their feelings and emotions properly yet. They don’t understand the concept of long-term consequences usually until they’re in their late teens, sometimes early 20’s. That’s psychology.

Donald Trump, a man over the age of 70, doesn’t understand this. We’re dealing with a man-child who has access to nuclear codes and, to be honest, wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to tweet them out for the world to see because that’s the kind of incompetence and juvenilia that we’re dealing with today in the United States. Donald Trump sees his job as the job of someone to go out there and make fun of other people, make fun of other countries and his base absolutely loves it. That’s the worst part of all of this.

If you look through some of his Twitter comments, the people who actually agree with him, the things that they say to support his horrible claims online, that’s even more disgusting than what Donald Trump is saying because we know from looking through this that there are plenty of people in this country that actually believe the same things, or that think that he is somehow a respectable human being, but that’s not the case. Donald Trump and his Twitter feed are exceptionally dangerous for the United States, and whatever this nonsense is that he is starting with North Korea is going to prove that to everyone.