After a sad eight years of a mostly parody-free presidency, the funny has returned in the form of Trump administration-parodying late-night show “The President Show.”

Comedy Central is set to premiere the Trump-mocking show on April 27, and will star creator Anthony Atamanuik, a well-known Trump impersonator. The show will also feature Veep actor Peter Grosz who will play Trump’s devoted Vice President Mike Pence.

The show will mimic the late-night TV style, and will allow Atamanuik-as-Trump to share his side of the week’s big issues.

This won’t be the first time Atamanuik has portrayed the POTUS, in fact he participated in a nationwide tour during the election in live show “Trump vs. Bernie,” which gave people what they wanted: a head-to-head between the election’s two most exciting characters, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

While fans of the live show will no doubt be sad to see the Trump character sans Bernie, many others are excited to have Comedy Central back in the president-mocking game.

The last time the comedy network engaged in a presidential parody was in 2008 when the second season of “Lil’ Bush” came to an end. That show featured President George W. Bush as a toddler, surrounded by all of his political friends, Lil’ Condi, Lil’ Rummy, and Lil’ Cheney, just to name a few.

Presidential comedy aside, the network has lagged lately and has struggled to come up with a real network leader since John Stewart left the “Daily Show” in 2015, leaving behind 16 years of political satire and biting commentary. Though the “Daily Show” remains, it has not remained as popular as it was under Stewart.

It has been noted that in this current administration, many in the comedy field are performing much better at calling out Trump and his actions than those in the media.

Of course, one cannot predict how this president will respond to his very own show dedicated entirely to mocking his every move. Either way, most of America will be eager to see what the outcome will be.

Here’s a preview of the new show:


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