Donald Trump and several of his associates from the campaign are being sued for inciting violence at a campaign rally in Kentucky in 2016.  A judge has ruled that the case can proceed, and that Trump’s charge to the audience of “go get ‘em outta here” (referring to two protesting women and a child) is not protected speech. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above videos:

This past week a judge in Kentucky ruled that a lawsuit against Donald Trump and several other campaign affiliates and three men at a campaign rally can move forward as it was determined that Donald Trump most likely incited violence during a rally in Kentucky in 2016. The lawsuit was brought by two women who were roughed up along with their teenage son for protesting at this specific Donald Trump campaign rally to which Donald Trump said, “Get ’em out of here. Get ’em out of here.” The judge ruled that Donald Trump’s statement of, “Get ’em out of here,” was a command, an order, a direct order to the people in that room. It implied that they could use force if they felt like it, and that’s exactly what happened. One of the men named in the lawsuit, who was an attendee at the rally who helped remove the protestors, admits that he shoved a young woman during this altercation.

Now, the judge says, yes, this suit needs to go forward. It’s very likely and very clear that Donald Trump did incite this violence at this rally. But what’s more disgusting is that Donald Trump said, “Get ’em out of here,” and those idiot supporters did it. They saw nothing wrong with walking up to young women and a teenage boy and shoving them, grabbing them, pulling them out of that arena. That’s the mentality of a Trump supporter. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, or child, if they want to get you out, if Donald Trump says go shove that person, go punch them, go drag them by their feet, they will do it. They have proven that.

That’s what that judge understands. Donald Trump is the kind of authoritarian leader that attracts weak and feeble minds, and weak and feeble minds will always take orders from those that they believe are in charge. That’s what happened all throughout human history really. Any time a dictator comes to power, it’s because they manipulate the weak and the feeble and the scared, and that is what Donald Trump supporters are.

If you’re willing to walk up to a young woman who’s doing nothing but peacefully protesting the political viewpoints of your chosen candidate and you thinks it’s okay to shove her, to get physically violent with her in any way, then, yeah, there’s something wrong with you. You don’t lay your hands on her. You don’t lay your hands even if it’s a guy. Even if it’s a seven-foot tall biker with biceps twice the size of my head, you don’t touch them. But these Trump supporters don’t see any difference. Donald Trump knew that, and he knew exactly what he was doing when he said, “Go get ’em out of here.” Hopefully, this lawsuit will show Donald Trump and his idiot supporters, that, yeah, words and action do have consequences still in the United States.