While the DNC is still trying to point fingers everywhere they can in an effort to deflect blame over November’s loss – there is an absolute NEED to formulate an effective plan to defeat the GOP in 2018. Democrats and sane people across the country cannot wait around to see if Trump and Congress actually figure out how to work together. Ring of Fire’s Josh Gay discusses this.


As the GOP and Trump were dealt a crushing blow with their inability to pass an awful health care reform bill, the Dems had every chance to capitalize – instead the FREEDOM caucus are the ones that gained favor… SERIOUSLY?

Things have seemed ripe for a 3rd party for some time now, but in their biggest moment, we were offered Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. So, change has to happen within the DNC. Groups that want to kick out lobbyists and present solutions.

I’m not a huge Bernie guy and I despise Trump – but there are some lessons we can learn from their efforts on the campaign trail. They BLASTED the Washington power players and influence from special interests. They offered a relief from DC elitists that don’t care about right or left, they only care about money.

The DNC also needs someone to offer clear alternatives to what the GOP is offering. The GOP ran on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. So, why not offer up a comprehensive, well vetted single-payer plan or medicaid expansion.

If the GOP is calling for immigration reform, because people are worried about losing jobs or straining public services, then offer an alternative plan.

Both Trump and Sanders, regardless of their actual platform, listened to the public’s biggest fears and offered compelling solutions for them. THAT is how the Democrats win control back. Be the better option. I know Trump is awful, we all do. But, we’ve already tried beating him by pointing that out and it didn’t work. The DNC needs to be the compelling alternative that vows to restore America. Find where we are broken and offer an amazing way to fix that.

Groups like Brand New Congress that are working on both sides and the awesome Justice Democrats on the left are working so hard to do just that. They both have clear platforms that offer solutions to the American public. We could all follow their lead into the 2018 midterms, or we can continue to blame Russia and state the obvious that Trump sucks and watch the GOP retain control over our government.