Last Thursday, The Washington Post called for an investigation into House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Devin Nunes for his leaks of information from the intelligence community as they look into both President Trump’s wiretapping claims and the possible collusion of the Trump transition team with Russia’s interference in the election. Ring of Fire’s Josh Gay discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

This week, we’ve learned a lot, and last week of course, we’ve learned about House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes. This guy is running it seems to be his own investigation into the Trump wiretapping Russian investigations. But man, this guy is wrong. I mean, really, really wrong. He’s canceling public meetings, he’s meeting in secret at the White House, outside of the White House in secret rooms and bumbling that up. This guy’s got to go. He does have to recuse himself from the investigations.

But one thing I found a little puzzling is that the Washington Post had a glaring, blaring article against Nunes. They were calling for an investigation, not into just his role in the investigation, but into the leaks and how the leaks got in Nunes’s hands. There’s a lot of irony in that, the Washington Post calling an investigation into leaks. The Washington Post thrives on leaks. Matter of fact, if it benefits their narrative, they’re going to actively pursue leaks, whether it’s leaks from the Trump White House getting to them first, or even a State Department memo that was about leaks leaking to the press and it got to the Washington Post first. They’ve even got the entire content of Michael Flynn’s conversation with a Russian diplomat. But I don’t see the Washington Post calling for a look into how those leaks got out. But if the Washington Post themselves were involved, man, you’d better back up, because they don’t want you in the way of their cozy relationships with politicians.

For instance, John Podesta. He was named in the Wikileaks scandal. So were several of the Washington Post reporters. But they ignored that, and they instead focused on the validity of the leaks. So why are we calling into this Nunes looking for a smoking gun? If you’re the Washington Post, you need to do a lot better at being transparent about how you feel about leaks on any given party.