Democratic Senator Joe Manchin warned Democrats that they shouldn’t filibuster the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch because “what goes around, comes around.”  Does Manchin even realize that Republicans already did this to Merrick Garland last year? By his own logic, this is what the Republicans DESERVE! Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia is without a doubt the worst Democrat in the United States of America. Why do I say that? Well, because in response to the Democratic threat to filibuster the nomination of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said the following: “We need to be careful. What goes around comes around.” Basically telling us, we don’t need to filibuster this guy because if we do it, my God, the Republicans are going to filibuster or do something horrible to us.

By Manchin’s own logic, filibustering Gorsuch is the karma result. Not the beginning of it, not the thing that we need to worry about coming back around, this is what is coming back around to the Republicans. That seat on the Supreme Court was Merrick Garland’s seat, Republicans blocked it for a full-friggin’ year, and you, Senator Manchin, have the audacity to say, “What goes around, comes around?” Yeah, it damn sure does, that’s what this filibuster is.

You need to stop calling yourself a Democrat. You are poison to the Democratic Party and people like you are poison to the Democratic Party. You have sold out on every environmental issue that has come before you because you are trying to placate the coal industry in West Virginia. You’re helping to poison people with coal in West Virginia. You’re not doing anything to give them better healthcare coverage. You’re not giving them anything like a Supreme Court Justice last year that would have helped on environmental issues. You’re sitting here, rolling over, acting like a Republican, hurting the Democrats in the Senate and at the same time trying to say that you’re just trying to keep decorum in the Senate.

That is what he said! He said he is trying to keep decorum. Let me tell you, when you are dealing with idiots, like Ted Cruz, Jim Inhofe and all the rest of them, there is no such thing as decorum anymore. These people sold this country down the river for years and years and years while you sat there and you reaped the benefits. You got your extravagant pay, your travel expenses and your nice home in West Virginia, that I’m sure is far away from all of the coal power plants, the coal mines, the dirty water and the disgusting environment. I’m sure you don’t even know where those areas of the state are, but we do.

You are a poison. Not just to the Senate, but to the Democratic Party. It is time for you to just call yourself a Republican. Go ahead and make that jump. That is the ship you want to be on anyway. That sinking ship that the public is turning against. Well, they are turning against you too. I guarantee you that 2018, 2020, the corporate, moderate let’s-play-nice-with-everybody Democrats, like yourself, are going to find themselves without a job.