While Obama’s presidency was a boon for the gun and ammo industry, it appears that the folks who often buy guns out of politically-motivated fear are not inspired by the current president, slowing gun sales substantially.

While it makes sense, the gun industry backed by the NRA is likely hoping that a new, scary Democrat may take office sometime soon in order to fund gun CEOs’ summer homes and vacations in the Alps.

According to the FBI, the first month of 2017 reported a whopping 520,000 fewer background checks than in November of last year. In February, the downward trend continued.

Mother Jones referred to the slowing trend as a “Trump Slump,” in stark opposition to the “Barack boom,” which happened in 2016. Gun-clingers worried that in his last few months, Obama would finally implement his anti-Christian, Muslim-loving, Kenyan-born master plan. Instead, a lot more folks had a lot more guns than they needed when the dust settled and Obama didn’t take a single patriot’s weapons of war.

How disappointing.

While Republicans bemoaned the state of employment and jobs under Obama, the reality is that in the gun industry alone, Obama’s special brand of GOP fear added as many as 30,000 new jobs in just the past three years. Unfortunately, that trend is already beginning to reverse and gun companies are laying off employees by the hundreds.

In the short term, the only way this trend may reverse and return to Obama-era levels will be if Trump can sink the United States in another major war. Nothing inspires the miltia-minded like the fear of invading militants. Then, both the defense industry and the gun industry will be booming once more.


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