According to a recent Washington Post article by Amber Phillips, the real group to blame for the intense political discourse in America today is the progressive left. Ring of Fire’s Sydney Robinson discusses this.

Transcript of the above:

Earlier this week, I did a piece about a Vanity Fair column, which offensively referred to the far left as the “alt-left,” a term that was referencing the alt right which is frequently used to refer to white supremacists. While that seems like the most offensive attack on the left, a challenger appeared this week in the form of a Washington Post article by Amber Phillips. The article was titled, “The sorry state of political discourse in five Bernie Sanders tweets.” As is usually the case, Phillips argued that the real people to blame for the sad state of politics today are the far left. Of course. Apparently, the author hadn’t seen Donald Trump’s tweets, like the one from just last week accusing President Obama of wiretapping him. I guess that just doesn’t count.

Just to be clear, the tweets that Phillips referencing from Bernie Sanders, aren’t claiming that Trump’s lying about ambiguous things. He’s merely stating that Trump lied about his inauguration numbers, lies about the fact that three to five million illegally voted in the election (they didn’t), and lies about the fact that Obama is not an American citizen. He is. Sanders concluded his remarks by saying that if we can’t trust the President to tell us the truth about his inauguration numbers, then we can’t really trust him to tell us the truth about important things.

Now if Ms. Phillips wants to testify before Judge Judy and claim that three statements that Bernie Sanders made about Trump’s lies aren’t actually lies, then she’s free to do so. My guess is that she wouldn’t do so. That’s because what Bernie Sanders is claiming that those three things that he stated in his tweets were lies, were in fact lies. I would be tempted to call Bernie a hero for daring to say the “L” word, but I won’t because he’s just doing the basics of political decency. Nonetheless, Phillips has managed to bend over backward to defend President Trump from the dreaded L-word.

But the article doesn’t stop there. It gets even better. Later, Phillips asserts that Donald Trump may not be lying, and you shouldn’t say that he is because the truth may be that he’s just too delusional to know what is the truth. He’s not lying that three million people voted illegally in the election, he truly believes it happened. He’s not lying that were a million and a half people at his inauguration, he truly believes that that happened. He’s not lying when he says that Obama was born in Kenya, because he truly believes it. Is that really any more defensible?

The truth is, that Phillips and the Washington Post are merely doing what the Democratic Party always wants them to do: roll over and hope that they’ll be rewarded for their loyalty. Play nice is the constant motto of the democratic Party. When you refuse to do so like Bernie Sanders does by just merely saying Trump is a liar, you’re thrown under the bus.

But the truth is that Trump and this administration are not going to reward any democrats for rolling over and playing nice. And minding your p’s and q’s with a tyrant in the White House will do nothing for your causes. What democrats fail to recognize, is that the man you’re calling the current worst political discourse, Bernie Sanders, is your only real hope. Think of who you’re comparing him to. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump, Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, all of these are what’s bad and failed in political discourse. Bernie Sanders is not one of those.

The Democratic Party has got to learn that no matter how many nominees you say yes to, and how many times you play nice with this administration, they will not reward you for it. You’ve got to start defending the people who are fighting for this party and stop demonizing the left. No matter what you do, Donald Trump and the Republican Party will never respect you, and will never give you what you want.

Sydney Robinson is a political writer for the Ring of Fire Network. She has also appeared in political news videos for Ring of Fire. Sydney has a degree in English Literature from the University of West Florida, and has an active interest in politics, social justice, and environmental issues. She would love to hear from you on Twitter @SydneyMkay or via email at