A leaked draft of Trump’s EPA budget has been released, and this budget will cut the EPA’s funding by as much as 30%.  This is part of his administration’s desire to make the federal government completely dysfunctional, and their desire to let the fossil fuel and other industries operate with virtually no oversight as they poison our environment and our citizens. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

President Trump is taking a lot of credit for jobs that have been created in the United States over the last few months, jobs that were actually created under the Barack Obama economy. They were Barack Obama policies, Barack Obama’s negotiations. Donald Trump has done nothing to actually create these jobs. However, here is one thing that President Trump can take credit for, the destruction of no fewer than 3,000 very well paying jobs at Environmental Protection Agency because according to a leaked draft of the Trump administration’s EPA budget, they’re going to cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency by 30% this year. That’s just one year. Yes, analysts are estimating that’s going to cost at least 3,000 jobs.

Again, government jobs with good benefits, good pay, gone, because Republicans like Donald Trump and Steve Bannon want to prove to the Republican base that the government doesn’t work. They do that by destroying the government and making it not work. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy by design. They campaign on the notion that the government sucks. We hate the government. You can’t do anything for you. Then when they get elected, they make sure the government can’t do anything for you, and the Republicans are dumb enough to buy it. The EPA’s not cleaning up this shit. No, they’re not because they have no money anymore because Donald Trump just killed their budget or because the Republicans just signed a law trying to repeal clean water protections and clean air protections because that’s where we’re headed.

Let me ask you this. Do you like to breathe? Do you like to walk outside, take a deep breath of clean air? In a few years under this Republican administration, that literally may not be possible. Clean water in streams and rivers and lakes could be poisoned if the Republicans have their way. They’ve already repealed several protections for smaller bodies of water, marshes, swamps, lakes, streams, bodies of water that do end up feeding into aquifers, but now corporations have been given the green light to dump all their toxic garbage into those bodies of water because that’s what Republicans want for America. They want corporations to do that. Then when people cry for the EPA to come help, the EPA can’t, and then Republicans get to tell you, “Hey, I told you the government didn’t work very well, and now look, it doesn’t work very well, right?” People aren’t smart enough to put the pieces together to realize that the reason the government doesn’t work is because Republicans don’t want the government to work properly.