Bernie Sanders appeared on CNN this week to send the GOP representatives that are hiding from their constituents a message – This is just the beginning, you haven’t seen anything yet.  And he’s right.  As long as these cowards hide, angry protestors will find them and demand answers – that’s just how democracy works when it hits a tipping point. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

During an interview with CNN this week Senator Bernie Sanders sending warning to the Republican party. He said, “If you’re sacred of these protestors, these angry constituents showing up at these town hall meetings you haven’t seen anything yet.” Bernie Sanders absolutely nailed it with that statement. The longer these Republicans continue to ignore their constituents, continue to hide from their constituents or continue to dance around the issues when presented them by their constituents people are going to get angrier. People are going to get more active, they’re going to get more energized, they’re going to get more involved but most importantly they’re going to get angrier.

They will continue to show up. They’ll show up at town halls. If you don’t go to those town halls where are they gonna go? They’re going to go to your office. They’re going to stand outside and ask questions. They’re going to pick up the phone, call your office, send you emails, show up in Washington DC organized marches. Bernie Sanders is right. The Republicans think they can hide from these problems, the problems that they themselves created but they can’t.

This anger is some of the greatest anger I have seen in all the years that I have been covering American politics. It’s fascinating, it’s phenomenal and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Because this is what we need right now and so far it appears to be sustaining itself mostly because Republicans refuse to answer simple questions from the people. When you dance around an issue, Tom Cotton would you can’t address a woman properly when she asks why you want her husband to die by repealing his health care, when you refuse to answer that you empower the voters to get rid of you. You make people even more angry. You make people want to go to the next town hall and ask their questions.

Maybe people who’d never thought about confronting a Congress person, but they’re getting active now and they’re getting more active. Let’s hope again that Bernie Sanders is absolutely right and to be honest I believe he is. I believe that Republicans haven’t even seen anything yet. I believe that the real angry people in this country are just getting started and they’re doing it without violence, they’re doing it without disrespecting anybody. All they want is answers but the Republicans aren’t even brave enough to show up to be asked a question.