In this Majority Report clip, we listen to portions of Donald Trump’s ridiculous press conference. In this portion he answers one question with a bunch of nonsense and lets us all know that someone has gotten Donald Trump to sit down and listen for long enough to understand the implications of nuclear weapons. Not the geopolitical situation when it comes to who has nuclear weapons or anything even remotely complicated or that even that would require the written word. It’s a safe bet that they explained a (literal) textbook version of mutually assured destruction to him and then showed him some pictures from WWII or something. But he gets it now: a nuclear holocaust would be super bad.

Sam Seder is an American comedian, writer, actor, film director, television producer-director, and progressive talk radio host. His works include the film Who's the Caboose? (1997) starring Sarah Silverman and Seder, as well as the television shows Beat Cops (2001) and Pilot Season (2004). He also appeared in Next Stop Wonderland (1998). Seder also made guest appearances on Spin City (1997), Sex and the City (2000) and America Undercover (2005).