Milo Yiannopoulos should have been outside of the discourse in America a long time ago, but conservatism is so desperate to have a rebellious hero that they can redeem cool, that they accepting a pedophilia condoning pig. Radio talk show host Benjamin Dixon talks about the controversial Youtube video by “The Drunken Peasants”.

The Benjamin Dixon Show is a progressive talk radio, YouTube, podcast. The inaugural episode aired February 9, 2015. Since that time, Benjamin has established his voice as significant contributor and thought leader in Progressivism. He has interviewed distinguished guests including Professor Eddie Glaude, Jr., Nina Turner, Shaun King, DeRay McKessen, Thomas Frank, Bakari Sellers and Adolph Reed. Benjamin also is the author of two books — God is Not a Republican & Lessons for My Son—and an eBook, Ten Life Changing Moments. Dixon is also the founder and editor of He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, a Master’s Degree in Political Science, and is approaching the end of his Doctoral program in International Development with a focus on International Security.