Progressives nationwide are getting amped up at marches and town halls across the U.S., which has paved the way for #DemEnter: A movement for progressives to conquer lower levels of the Democratic Party. But if the Trump’s new FCC head has his way, it could signal an end to an important thing that corralled progressives and fueled Bernie’s rise: free and open Internet. Lee Camp explores how the administration’s stance on net neutrality threatens the very access to alt news sources that fired up progressives in the latest Redacted Tonight.

Lee Camp is the host and head writer of the popular comedy news TV show Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp on RT America. The show also features correspondents John F. O’Donnell, Carlos Delgado, Naomi Karavani, and Phillip Chang. said, "The finest TV satire thus far this election season has come from the Nightly Show and Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight." The show has also won a 2016 Telly Award for their live stand-up comedy special in New York City. George Carlin's daughter Kelly said Camp was one of only a handful keeping her father's torch lit. Camp is a former writer for The Onion and for Huffington Post Comedy. He created and starred in the viral YouTube show Moment of Clarity that was seen by millions, and he's performed stand-up comedy in a dozen countries and every state in the US. He has also been featured on Comedy Central, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, MTV, FOX & Showtime. Many know him from the viral clip of him on Fox News calling a “parade of propaganda and a festival of ignorance.”