Fox News is once again under fire for their disgusting behavior, but this time its because they failed to inform shareholders about the settlements and payments they were handing out to make sexual harassment charges disappear.  By law, any lawsuit or settlement from a company must be revealed to shareholders, otherwise a company can be charged with defrauding investors. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

By now I’m sure everybody is familiar with the facts that FOX News had had to pay out tens of millions of dollars to settle sexual harassment claims against former employees, former hosts at the network, but what most people don’t know, a story that just came out earlier this week is that the Department of Justice is actually having to investigate FOX News right now because they’re not sure if the network actually disclosed to their shareholders the real amount of money that they were having to pay to all these women who Roger Ales allegedly sexually harassed.

Here’s the problem with that, and this is why the US attorney and the Department of Justice are having to look into this matter. Anytime a corporation of any kind, any publicly traded corporation, has a lawsuit filed against them or they settle a lawsuit out of court and pay out money, or they go into arbitration, or anything like that, anytime one of those comes up the company has to inform all shareholders of that corporation otherwise these shareholders can not make 100% wholly informed decisions about the stock that they hold. It’s considered defrauding investors when you do not disclose the fact that your organization is having to pay out tens of millions of dollars because your former CEO couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

This is just the latest in a long line of disgusting behavior that we have seen from the FOX News network ever since they first came about. This whole network started as a way to bash Bill Clinton and give Republicans supposedly some kind of voice in this country. They were the voiceless majority. Then they shilled for George W. Bush for eight years, helped push into the Iraq war, they helped elevate Sarah Palin once she failed to win the vice presidency with John McCain. They paid her as a consultant, contributor, whatever. Did the same with religious fanatic, Mike Huckabee, and during that time they were also giving Donald Trump a political voice, helping to push him into the national spotlight, all the while continuously dumping on President Obama, a man who is leaps and bounds better than George W. Bush and Donald Trump. Was he perfect? Absolutely not. Was he better than any Republican president we’ve had in the last sixty years? Hell yeah.

That’s what this network is. It’s a group of white guys running the show, thinking they can do whatever they want, get away with anything behind the scenes, get away with anything in front of the camera, say whatever they want, make things up, sexually harass women, create a culture of just disgusting-ness and get away with it.

Finally now, things are starting to turn around at that network. No, they haven’t stopped their lying. Sean Hannity’s still out there making excuses as to why Michael Flynn resigned, but the women who have finally come forward against Roger Ales forced him out of the network. That is huge. These settlements, if the network did in fact not disclose them to the shareholders, they’re going to be facing even more massive lawsuits than the ones they have for sexual harassment. When it comes down to it, this network absolutely deserves that.