DuPont and Chemours have agreed to jointly pay the settlement for 3,500 cases against the chemical company over the toxic leaking of C-8.

After losing three cases from individuals who were represented by a national team led by Levin Papantonio, DuPont has agreed to a mass settlement of the remaining cases.

According to Chemours: “Under the terms of the agreement, DuPont and Chemours will each pay $335.35 million of the $670.70 million global settlement amount,” plus up to $25 million a year each for the next five years, or an additional $250 million to that ceiling.”

That equates to approximately $259,000 per claim to each injured client.

The most recent case was in December of 2016 when DuPont was ordered to pay out $10.5 million in punitive damages to a man whose testicular cancer was the result of C-8 poisoning. In this case and the others, the Levin Papantonio attorneys argued that DuPont knew exactly what they were doing by dumping the toxic chemical into the waterways, showing scientists working for the corporation having knowledge of the toxic chemical for decades.

According to Attorney Mike Papantonio, the jury determined that not only was DuPont at fault, but that they were guilty of “actual malice” in the way they covered up the evidence of their conduct.

C-8 is a cancer-causing chemical which was used for decades in Teflon non-stick pans. The chemical was dumped into the Ohio river, flowing downstream and poisoning the local communities. Now, C-8 can be found present in 98% of living organism worldwide.


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