Senator Bernie Sanders is one of many who are leading the charge against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the unscrupulous way in which he silenced progressive Democrat Elizabeth Warren during the hearing over Jeff Sessions.

Echoing the sentiment of many others including Warren herself, Senator Sanders said that it was outrageous that McConnell and his ilk silenced Warren for merely reading the words of Coretta Scott King.

As Sanders noted, many others – including himself – had read that same letter during the hearing on the Senate floor and had not been barred from speaking like Warren had.

For this, Sanders said, Warren was owed a sincere apology.

“It is unconscionable that Republican Leader Mitch McConnell silenced Sen. Elizabeth Warren because she read a letter from one of the great civil rights leaders, Coretta Scott King, in opposition to Jeff Sessions. When I read the same letter, no one prevented me from speaking. And when I asked to enter the entire text into the record, nobody objected. Sen. McConnell owes Sen. Warren an apology and of course she should participate in this important debate. In the U.S. Senate, you don’t ban a senator from engaging in debate.”

But though McConnell should apologize to Warren for his deplorable and biased action in the Senate Tuesday, at this point, it almost looks like Warren should be thanking McConnell for his catty, partisan behavior. After all, no one today would be talking about Coretta Scott King’s letter if it weren’t for the fuss the Senate Republicans made last night.


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