Donald Trump insists that the protestors across the country who are standing up to his administration are being paid by wealthy liberals to demonstrate. Not only is there no evidence to back these claims, but his insistence shows that he has become far too disconnected from reality to be fit to serve as president. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcription of the above video:

According to President Donald Trump the millions of people that have taken to the streets in recent weeks to protest not only him and his administration, but his ass backwards policies, those people are all paid to be out there. They’re paid protesters, they’re not real, they’re just people that got a little bit of money so they decided to go out there and do it, to fulfill some sort of job, I guess.

Now, millions of people, again, millions of people have gone out to protest him. Who could possibly hire that many people in such a short amount of time? When you look at the women’s marches that took place across the country, almost three million people out there. Who wrote all those checks? Or did they handle it in cash? If so, how long was the line at that ATM for the person waiting to withdraw that much money? How much do you pay them all? Because I assume it’s probably got to be at least what? Somewhere between $10 and $100?

Who has that kind of money to spend on protestors? How do you handle the 1099s on those people. God, that’s got to be crazy paperwork. More importantly, how do you interview all of them to make sure that they’re actually going to show up? Whoever this mysterious figure is that is hiring all these protestors, for the love of God, put them in charge of the department of labor because they damn sure know how to create jobs.

Do you see how ridiculous this really is, what I’m getting at here? But that’s what Donald Trump wants us to believe. I do not think that it is what he believes, but it’s what he wants his Republican base to believe. To be honest, they do. Go look through their Twitter feeds, go look at their Facebook posts. They do believe that most of these people have been paid to be out there, that they don’t actually hate Donald Trump. He has convinced the public, at least his base, that somebody, probably George Soros, it’s the favorite bogeyman of all the Republicans, is paying these people to go out there and protest, because deep down we all actually love Donald Trump. Why on Earth would any of us go out there and protest his administration?

But to Donald Trump it’s important to keep repeating that lie, because he is a narcissist. I know a lot of people just say that word but it also, if you look it up in the DSM, it is a diagnosable condition. It has certain parameters that go along with it. It’s not just a word we throw around for somebody who is in love with himself, because part of the narcissistic personality trait is that they need to be loved, so for Donald Trump this isn’t about delegitimizing the protestors, it’s about legitimizing himself and making him feel that the only way anyone could not love him is if they were paid to do so.
Essentially in Donald Trump’s mind, these are actors. They really do like him but they’re just paid to fulfill a job, to play a role for a day. Donald Trump needs to believe that because his ego is so fragile that he can’t accept the truth. He can’t accept reality. That’s why all the polls showing that people don’t like him and they do not approve of his job, those are all fake news according to Donald Trump. Everybody loves him in his brain. As long as he continues to think that, then I have to say he is mentally unfit to serve as president of the United States.

There is something severely wrong with the way this man perceives reality. It’s dangerous. It puts American lives at danger. Whether it’s his foreign policy that is built around is own narcissism, his domestic policy that’s built around his narcissism. Eventually it’s going to end up getting people killed. We already saw that with his foreign policy, it’s only a matter of time before that happens here. His muzzling of federal agencies, like the EPA and HHS, that’s going to kill people. It’s all because of his vanity, because he doesn’t want anyone speaking out against him or against anything that he believes in. People will die as a result of this. Therefor his narcissism alone makes him unfit to be commander in chief.