Donald Trump claims that he had no idea he was putting Steve Bannon on the National Security Council through executive order because no one briefed him on the order that he signed. Trump is furious, and he might actually be coming around to the fact that Bannon has played him hard and everyone is mocking him. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcription of the above video:

Right now, Donald Trump is absolutely furious because he got played by Steve Bannon. Here’s what happened, according to Donald Trump. Trump says that he wasn’t briefed on the executive order that he signed that put Steve Bannon on the National Security Council. Now, before we get into just kind of the real insanity of this issue, think about this for a minute. Trump is mad that he wasn’t briefed about something that he later signed. I get it. Probably should have been briefed. However, he can also read, I assume. I assume this man can read, so maybe before you put your signature on the bottom of the piece of paper, you take a minute or two and read the frigging document and understand what exactly you’re signing.

If you don’t do that, hell, Steve Bannon could’ve put an order in front of you, you sign it, and guess what? You just authorized a nuclear strike against Canada, or you just signed over your right to the presidency over to Steve Bannon. Trump, it’s your responsibility. You can’t keep pinning stuff on other people. You can’t say that well, nobody told me. You’re the president. You have eyeballs, and again, I assume you have the ability to read. This is your fault, but what this really means is that there currently is a power struggle inside the White House between Steve Bannon and Donald Trump. That’s what this is about. Trump’s not mad that he got hoodwinked. He got mad that we all know that he got hoodwinked, and he sees that Steve Bannon is in the middle of this massive power grab, and there’s very little Donald Trump can do about it because he doesn’t understand the office of the presidency.

Don’t get me wrong, Steve Bannon doesn’t either, but Steve Bannon understands manipulation in a way that Donald Trump does not. Donald Trump is completely dependent upon all of his advisors. Steve Bannon knows that, and Steve Bannon is taking advantage of it. That’s one of the reasons we’re seeing so many people online, on Twitter, on Facebook referring to him as President Bannon just to get a rise out of Donald Trump. The sad thing is, it’s working. This is what we have to continue doing. We have to continue referring to him as President Bannon and Mr. Trump, because eventually Trump’s going to get so mad that he’s going to fire Bannon because of it because he can’t stand to not be the center of attention.

That would probably be the best thing for this country right now is to get rid of Steve Bannon, but then we’re still left with this idiot man-child as our president who doesn’t take the time to read his executive orders before he signs them. The last time we had a president who just chose not to read things that were placed in front of him, we ended up losing close to 3,000 American citizens in the worst terrorist attack on US soil. So Donald, please, for the sake of America, read. Before you sign something, read it, or you know what? If you don’t have the time, have somebody read it to you. You could solve a lot of your problems if you just took a step back, opened your eyes, and understood what you’re doing.