Apparently while the rest of us work to improve our planet and our nation, many billionaire tech moguls are busy prepping their bug-out shelters for whatever the latest world-ending theory foretells.

According to the Daily Mail, a whole slew of American tech fiends have begun buying up massive swathes of land in New Zealand of all places, trying to secure their own chunk of untouched land in order to construct fortresses meant to survive even the most dire of earth emergencies.

Because these tech investors can afford it, they are pimping out their shelters with bomb-proof walls and multi-years-worth of food and water supplies. The bunkers are self-sufficient, able to create and run off of their own energy supplies.

The men (because they appear to be all men) have different reasons for making their own shelter, and they all believe that something different will be the end of the world as we know it. Whether it be zombies (please), a fast-spreading virus, or nuclear warfare (Hello, President Trump!), these individuals are hoping to escape it all in their private, hidden sanctuaries.

But it sure would be nice if instead of making their own shelters, they spent some of their massive earnings actually helping the people on the earth rather than fighting to escape them, no? After all, what are the chances that these tech moguls can even make it to their shelters with the sh*t hits the fan?

Still, one knows that we cannot predict nor control the raving ideas of an over-paid madman. Just look at the guy in the White House.

You can read more about the juicy details and veritable who’s who of New Zealand real estate in the full article from the Daily Mail. 

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