Republicans have been telling us for several years that “All Lives Matter.”  But, when it comes to Muslims and refugees, they seem perfectly fine with treating them like vermin. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

I’m sure everybody remembers when we were watching black men and women mowed down in the streets by police officers. The Black Lives Matter movement arose. Republicans were very quick to jump on television, jump on Twitter, jump on Facebook and tell us all lives matter, not just the black lives. What a racist movement this is. That’s all we heard from them for a very long time, all lives matter. I guess they should have put a little asterisk at the end of that because apparently to a Republican all lives don’t matter because where is the Republican opposition to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban? We have tens of thousands of people right now who are just wanting to get in the United States. They’re not coming over here to attack us. They’re not coming over here to undermine our democracy. They’re not coming over here because they want to hurt us. They’re coming over here because we’ve bombed the shit out of their homes, and they need a place to go. That’s why they’re coming here. Those lives matter, but not to Republicans. No.

Republicans are more than happy to send planes and bombs over to your country, destroy everything you’ve known for your entire life. Then when you come looking for a safe place to go, we shut our doors. We put up walls, and we say, “Nope, not on my watch. You’re a different color than me. You believe in a different God than I do. You can’t come in here.” The Muslim ban has further exposed the racism of the Republican Party, but furthermore it’s exposed the fact that this all lives matter movement really was about telling us that white lives matter. It had nothing to do with equality. It had nothing to do with protecting the rights of every single US citizen. Republicans were simply mad that Black Lives Matter was getting attention, that they were trying to accomplish something good for this country. This Muslim ban has shown us that all lives matter for Republicans really just means that white lives matter.