The state of California is considering a plan to demand that Trump leave sanctuary cities alone, or else face the consequences in the federal pocketbook.

While casually mulling the possibility of secession, California is also considering withholding all or part of the taxes the state hands to the federal government in response to the expected loss of millions of federal dollars associated with sanctuary cities.

California is considered a “donor state,” because it regularly pays more in federal taxes than it receives in funding from the government.

Currently, the state is merely trying to protect its cities which are considered “sanctuary” cities because they actively do no enforce immigration law. Under president Obama, these cities were tolerated, but under President Trump, they are being threatened nationwide.

Trump has said that any state which hosts sanctuary cities will face the removal of all federal funding to these cities – vital funding which pays for police forces and other administrative costs. This is part of the President’s crack down on undocumented immigrants, a key part of his administration’s promise to supporters.

Miami has already announced that they will stop observing the sanctuary city policy in order to avoid the financial consequences. California will not roll over so easily.

It is unclear whether or not California could legally stop sending money to the federal government, but if the federal government were to stop paying them first, their case would be more solid.


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