White House aides have been speaking to the press, and Trump certainly isn’t going to like what they’re saying.  For example, most of the aides believe that Trump is behaving like a child, and that he has no idea what he’s doing. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

According to an article in the Washington Post the White House of Donald Trump is leaking at a little bit faster pace than any White House in the past. Aides, advisors, staff, will anonymously tell the press something and the press will run with it. That’s exactly the case with the Donald Trump White House, except that there is a common theme so far among all of the people who work there who have spoken to the press, and according to the Washington Post it is this. Donald Trump is acting like a spoiled, clueless child when it comes to being a leader of the free world.

Now, what they mean is that his impulsiveness, his desire to just do things without thinking about the consequences is reminiscent of that of a child. Anyone who has children or has spent any time around children will tell you that that is exactly what toddlers and kindergarteners and maybe a few years beyond that do every day. They don’t have that long term perception of anything. They just do what they want to now because it feels good. They don’t think about the consequences, and that is exactly what we’re seeing from Donald Trump, and that is exactly what his aides are telling us that they’re seeing from inside.

It makes perfect sense. A lot of republicans right now are trying to say that Donald Trump is really just a man of action. He’s doing all the things he promised to do. He’s taking charge and he’s getting it done. That’s good if you look at it that way, but that’s not the reality. The reality is that he is pushing the limits of US law by signing all of these executive orders without any input from any other government agency, without any input from any other human beings other than Steve Bannon and Steven Miller. That’s not how you legislate. That’s not how you run a country, and that’s not how you pass laws.

In his first week in office Barack Obama signed five executive orders. Most of those were to benefit the American public. Donald Trump signed 13, at least 13 executive orders in his first seven days. Yet, republicans all through Obama’s presidency were complaining about his use of executive orders, even though he issued fewer than George W. Bush before him. They were saying that he was legislating unanimously, unilaterally, without input from anybody else. That wasn’t necessarily the case. He did have input from federal agencies, from advisors, from staffers, from experts, from scientists.

Trump is exactly what republicans feared, or at least claimed to fear during the Obama years. He is acting without any oversight. He is acting without any regard to the rule of law, and he is acting exactly like a spoiled, rotten child. The only difference is that this child isn’t leaving his Legos out on the floor. This child has his finger hovering over the nuclear launch button.