Donald Trump has never been one to embrace reality, but his latest Twitter tirade proved that he’s completely immune to facts. On Tuesday morning, the soon-to-be President began railing on the political polling industry, saying that the polls showing his historic unpopularity are actually rigged. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

Donald Trump believes that opinion polls showing he has historically low approval ratings heading into inauguration, Donald Trump believes that those opinion polls are rigged against him. I can see why he would think that. When you ask somebody, “Do you like Donald Trump? Do you approve of him,” that’s a rigged question because people are going to say, “No,” because nobody likes him. That’s something that Donald Trump still can’t wrap his head around.

Think about this, the last three presidents, during their transition the public approved of their transition by at least 72%, that’s Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, never dropped below 72%. Donald Trump is at about 42% for handling of his transition, overall popularity about 40% of this country actually approves of the job he is doing. These numbers have fallen since election day, and according to polls by Gallup, USA Today, ABC, Washington Post, it’s because of the things he has said and the things he has done since winning this election. Yes, Donald Trump’s own mouth, his own words, his own Twitter account are actually causing people to dislike him. Why? Because they see what he really stands for.

These things were painfully obviously actually during the campaign, few just refused to believe it. They looked at Hillary Clinton and said, “Well, Trump’s the lesser of two evils,” which could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is these people who did support Trump are now very concerned. They’re concerned about the fact that they’re going to lose their healthcare. They’re concerned about the fact that he’s a bit of a hot head on Twitter. These were things that were painfully evident during the campaign, they just refused to believe it.

Donald Trump’s opinion among democrats, progressives, independents, has not changed. Those people still dislike him. It’s his own followers that are now turning against him. This is exactly what Donald Trump deserves. The more he’s out there, the more he speaks, the more people dislike him. The more billionaires he appoints for positions in his cabinet the more people dislike him. The more industry insiders he packs in his cabinet the more people dislike him. This is going to happen continuously for the next four years. I will be surprised if Donald Trump at any point during his presidency ever breaks that 50% approval rating mark. That would unprecedented, but I really think that if anybody’s going to be able to break that record it’s going to be Donald Trump.