In response to recent comments from Trumpkin and Buffalo, New York school board member Carl Paladino, the school board has voted to demand that Paladino resign or face removal.

The school board held a special session on Thursday in order to petition the state to demand the removal of Paladino if he would not resign himself.

Paladino was quoted in a local Buffalo newspaper last week wishing for the death of President Obama and hoping that the First Lady would turn into a male and join the gorillas in the jungle.

Reporters were so shocked at the man’s comments that they asked him to confirm that he had said what was quotes. He confirmed angrily.

Others looked into Paladino’s history and saw that he had made many sexist, racist, and violent comments about the Obamas and others before in school board emails.

On Paladino’s graphic comments, one Buffalo board member had this to say:

“This is not one event. This is a pattern.”

Another board member pledged to no longer say Paladino’s name, noting that he clearly desired infamy.

Now, Paladino claims that his comments were just meant to be shared among friends and has refused the repeated calls for him to resign from the local school board.

Regardless of his refusal, the school board held a special session on Thursday to determine what to do with the racist man. The chamber was packed as concerned parents and community members arrived to oppose Paladino, though the board voted not to allow any community members to speak on the matter.

Outside of the session, a sizable rally was held where members of the community voiced their concerns and called for the removal of Paladino.


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