The New York Times recently speculated about who could be the Democrats’ nominee for 2020. How about we focus on the real issues right now and leave the 2020 Presidential race for 2020? The Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcription of the above video:

Recently there was an article in the New York Times, I read the headline and just immediately felt this swell of anger. That headline was ‘Biden, Sanders, Warren, too soon for 2020?’ Listen, I know the media wants another horse race already because you want the eyeballs, you want the subscriptions, you want the viewers, you want all that advertising money, but shut up about the year 2020, okay? Please. For me, just do that.

The problem is we can’t even look to 2020 yet because we haven’t fixed the problems of 2016. We haven’t even addressed the problems of 2016, and to be honest we haven’t even identified all of the problems of 2016. How about this? How about the democratic party instead of looking for a new nominee, how about they go through and address the problems that they encountered during the 2016 campaign? How about they start trying to win back some of the Bernie Sanders crowd that left and didn’t end up voting for Hillary Clinton? I don’t think there’s too many of them but they left the democratic party. How about we start doing some youth engagement? Youth outreach, get the young people back who did support Bernie Sanders but didn’t show up for the general election. How about we do that?

How about we try to build the party’s future instead of looking ahead for the 2020 election? How about … This is the craziest one. How about we look at the fact that every corporate candidate we put up gets beat? How about we think about that for a minute? Why don’t we acknowledge that fact that we do have a problem, and the problem is that the party’s moved a little too far to the right? Being that it’s getting too much money from corporations and that’s corrupting us. Why don’t we fix that? Hey, while we’re at it, let’s not just stop at the problems with our party.

How about we address the issue of republican voter suppression that actually did cost Hillary Clinton the election? How about that? How about we give people back their right to vote instead of letting the GOP take it away from them? How about we clean up the three plus thousand different sites in the United States where the water contamination of lead, excuse me, the levels of lead in the water actually exceed those in Flint, Michigan? How about we address those? How about the media, like the New York Times rather than speculating about 2020 talks about those issues and brings those issues to light?

We don’t need a 2020 horse race while we’re still living in 2016. Hell, we won’t even need it when we’re in 2018 and 2019. Let’s address the problems facing this country today. Okay? Can we do that please? There are so many things wrong today, but the corporate media just go ahead and start another horse race, because that’s all they care about.