In a murder trial that has had more than its share of roadblocks, suspected murderer Dylann Roof admitted in a taped confession that he did in fact murder 9 church-goers in a racially-motivated hate crime.

In his confession, Roof said that he had no choice about whether or not he would murder black citizens.

“I had to do it because somebody had to do it,” Roof said.

Roof entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston with the intention of killing African Americans as retribution for what Roof said were crimes by the black community.

“I don’t like what black people do,” Roof said. He also said that he is in favor of reinstating segregation.

Roof said that he chose the church because it would be safer for him, though he would have liked to have killed black drug dealers instead.

“It’s like this: I’m not in a position, by myself, to go into a black neighborhood and shoot drug dealers.”

Despite having a clear motive (in his mind) to act out his horrendous crimes, Roof says that in some ways, he does regret the entire thing.

“I’d say so, yes … I regret that I did it, a little bit.”

Roof, who is representing himself, faces the death penalty if found guilty of the crimes he has admitted to. Previously, Roof had said he would admit guilt only if the death penalty were taken off the table, though there is no indication that the death penalty is now no longer an option.

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