Shameless errand boy for the Trump campaign Chris Christie appears to have grown some semblance of a conscience – or a backbone – as reports from multiple sources say that that governor has repeatedly turned down roles in the Trump administration.

According to two sources who divulged the information to, Christie turned down Cabinet-level posts like Homeland Security secretary and Veterans Affairs secretary, as well as other posts, like a White House advisory role and U.S. ambassador to Italy.

Reportedly, the one position Christie truly wanted was Secretary of State, but he was never offered the high position. For Christie, this snub no doubt echoed a similar one from Trump’s campaign when the Governor waited on Trump hand and foot in hopes of being made his Vice President.

Though he didn’t get the V.P. spot, nor the Secretary of State position, Christie was ready to settle on being the RNC chairman. But according to anonymous sources, that is also a distant dream.

During the campaign, Christie gained a reputation as being a passive push-over, despite his earlier reputation as a hot-head. Though Christie was initially popular with many, his failure to stand up to Trump left him with few admirers.

Though it seems a lesson Christie needs to learn is that beggers can’t be choosers. With his favorables at an abysmal low in his state of New Jersey, Christie had better be willing to take whatever position he can get or risk political obscurity.

You can read more about Christie’s fall from grace here.

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