It’s not often that we heap praise on the MSNBC conservative show “Morning Joe,” but we must give credit where credit is due.

During a discussion about the recent phenomenon of “fake news,” Scarborough and his panel commented on Clinton’s role in the fake news pandemic, urging the failed candidate to accept her role in the presidential loss and to stop blaming propaganda.

The show showed a clip of Clinton addressing the fake news epidemic, saying that it dangerous and calling on companies and the government to step up and suppress the phenomenon.

The subtext here of course is that Clinton is hoping that to some degree, these ongoing narratives about fake news might forgive her failures on election night – but we aren’t keen to let that narrative stick, and neither was Scarborough.

“Hillary Clinton caused Hillary Clinton the election … Democrats need to face the facts. They need to listen to Joe Biden. If you care about Democrats digging out of the hole they have dug themselves into now.”

Biden then launched into an extended monologue in the multitude of ways that the American people have demonstrated that they do not want the influence of Democrats, shrinking the blue party’s role small enough to fit into one of Clinton’s hiking backpacks.

One of the “Morning Joe” panelists defended Clinton’s comments, saying that the overlying context of her remarks centered around the conspiracy theory of #Pizzagate which led to a man discharging a gun in a D.C. pizza shop.

But as the panel noted, Clinton would only be too happy if the narrative developed into excusing her own sins by blaming the wide-sweeping term of “fake news.”



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