Realizing what is at stake, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” expressed humility this week when he implored whomever Trump puts in his cabinet to act proactively on behalf of the nation’s National Parks.

Nye expressed just how vital it is that the United States remain committed to protecting the 83 million acres of nationally protected land from any drilling or imposition by oil or natural gas companies.

The popular science figure was speaking to the Huffington Post during an event in New York City to celebrate the centennial of the nonpartisan National Parks Foundation.

Said Nye:

“When you go extracting coal, oil and minerals from national parks, you just degrade them. That’s why they’re national parks ― they’re set aside.”

Nye is most concerned about whomever Trump appoints to head the Department of the Interior, the agency which oversees the National Park System. As of yet, there are no rumors about he position, but if his other administration picks are an indication, things aren’t looking good for Nye.

Nevertheless, the beloved scientist is hopeful that something good may come from a Trump administration if he can appeal to Trump’s need for special recognition.

“If we did not have to have an army or military on the other side of the world preserving our extractive industries and fossil fuel burning, that would free up billions of U.S. dollars for other purposes,” Nye said. “The national parks could certainly be first in line if you went that route.”

After all, Nye believes that what he is asking for is not a political issue at all.

“If you interview anybody, any citizen in the U.S., they want Yellowstone National Park to always be there. Everybody does.”

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