On Thursday, the House Climate Science Committee shared some clearly debunked climate “Science” on their Twitter account from none other than the “alt-right” Breitbart.


Are we all living in a meme or a bad episode of “Saturday Night Live?” No?

Apparently, climate deniers are just back to their usual tricks where they pretend any cold day is proof that global warming is a big hoax. A little hint to the government committee that should already know these things: weather and climate are NOT the same.

And anyway, the “science” displayed in that Breitbart article has been repeatedly debunked by real scientists. Even still, the committee’s sharing of the false information prompted a slew of scientists to reach out and explain at length – once more – just how false of a narrative the committee was creating.


Thankfully, Senator Bernie Sanders added a bit of humor to a moment that should draw tears from the eyes of every science-loving rationalist when he joked that the doofuses who believe Breitbart’s trash must have gotten their degrees from Trump university.


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