Along with a list of other truly deplorable characters in Trump’s cabinet, the President-elect is now considering placing Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. as the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Like the rest of Trump’s cast of criminal characters, Clarke is a horrific choice as he has demonstrated throughout his entire career.

The chiefest example of Clarke’s lack of regard for human life and suffering occurred earlier this year when an inmate under Clarke’s care died of extreme thirst and dehydration in a jail cell.

Other inmates reported hearing Terill Thomas begging guards for water days before his death, and the Milwaulkee County medical examiner later concluded that his death was directly due to dehydration.

The jail that Clarke runs had turned off the water to Thomas’ cell for six days. Though there may have been a legitimate reason to shut off the water, adequate drinking water should have been supplied to the inmate. This was a clear case of homicide of a massively inhumane magnitude.

Now, instead of sitting in a jail cell of his own for the death that occurred under his watch, Clarke may be overseeing a major part of the U.S. government.

This story makes Clarke’s intentions if he were to become head of Homeland Security that much more ominous: Reversing Obama’s stance, Clarke would like to see Guantanamo Bay reinvigorated, with as many as one million inmates places on the remote island.

Will he ensure those individuals are given water and food, or would he let them thirst to death as well?

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