Update: After this article was published, Stein’s team finally filed the appropriate paperwork to demand recount in Wisconsin shortly before the deadline.

Dr. Jill Stein appeared to be quite the Democracy hero this week when she announced her intentions to demand a recount in several rust belt states, but since then a slew of increasing fundraising deadlines along with a lack of filing has many wondering of Stein was simply trying to raise some quick cash.

Stein made her intentions clear on Wednesday when she asked that those who support her should donate what they could to a fund which would allow her team to file the necessary paperwork to demand a recount in several states.

As generous donors met her listed goals, the price of the recount seemed to rise substantially, from 1 million to closer to 7 million. Part of it was the price of filing, Stein said, while the extra few million was for various unforseen costs. Regardless of the questionable nature of the fundraise, the cash continued to flow.

Around this time, people began to ask questions and wonder what Stein’s true intentions were as donors could never seem to reach the purported necessary amount to meet the recount’s demands.

When Stein reached the 2 million donated threshold, her team announced that they had met the necessary amount to immediately file for a recount in Wisconsin, but as of this afternoon, the Wisconsin Elections board said they had received no such paperwork from Stein or anyone else calling for a recount.

As we inch dangerously close to 5 p.m., the final deadline for a recount, many are wondering if Stein ever intended to contest the count at all.

Now, Stein has received nearly $5 million in donations in the past two days, all meant to go toward recount efforts. Stein has said from the start that no amount of money will guarantee that the recounts take place – a risky move. If the Green Party candidate fails to file in time in Wisconsin and elsewhere, what will she do with that money?

If she does fail to do what she promised, she is going to have some very angry donors on her hands.

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