Though the controversy surrounding former Fox CEO Roger Ailes has died down, a new victim has stepped forward this week to remind the world just what sort of monster the Fox associate and close adviser of Trump really is.

Adding her voice to the score of other women with similar stories, long-time Fox employee Laurie Luhn shared her decades-long relationship with Ailes.

Luhn, who worked at Fox for decades as a booker said that when she was new to the network, she was given special attention by Ailes, and was later brought into Ailes’ office and told that she must do whatever he told her.

“I went through such hell for so many years.”

In an interview with ABC News, Luhn said that Ailes referred to her as his sex slave and told her to never question his orders.

“He would have me get down on my knees and tell me, ‘You know what you are, Laurie. You’re my whore. You’re my sex slave. You’re going to do whatever I tell you to do at any time. Do you understand that?And he explained that it was like the military, that if he gave an order I was to follow through. I didn’t question it. And that was his big thing, ‘Just don’t ever question anything I ever ask you to do, Laurie. You understand?’”

Luhn said that the threat of blackmail was always evident, and Ailes would take photos of her and refer to them as his insurance policy to keep her loyal to him.

Luhn eventually came forward and asked that executives at Fox take action. She never received a response, though after getting a lawyer, she won a respectable severance while agreeing to sign a non-disclosure act. She has now violated that act.

Luhn’s harrowing story of manipulation and decades-long sexual exploitation is a dark one – but stories like this must be told so that Ailes is finally put away for good.

You can read Luhn’s entire story at ABC News.

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