Senator Cory Booker has called on the FBI and the DOJ to take swift action to combat the rising tide of hate in the United States that has been steadily increasing since Donald Trump’s election. The Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcription of the above video:

Senator Cory Booker is calling on the FBI and the Department of Justice to look in to the increasing numbers of hate crimes being committed in the United States as a result of Donald Trump being elected president. It’s almost impossible to go a few hours without looking at a website like Raw Story, Alter Net or even on Reddit Politics where you don’t find a video emerging of a teacher, a school board member, churches being vandalized, it’s happening daily and it’s happening many times a day all over this country.

Senator Cory Booker is 100% right, we have to get the FBI and DOJ involved right now. This isn’t something they can just drag their feet on and wait a month, two, three, four down the road and finally decide ‘All right, let’s do something about this issue here’ this has to be addressed today. Hate crimes in the United States are spiking since the election of Donald Trump. It’s been a little over a week. Something has to be done. The racists in the United States feel empowered, they feel passionate about Donald Trump and that cannot be allowed to flourish in the United States today.

It’s 2016, we’ve got get a handle on the racists that are overtaking our country right now and yes, they are. One of them was just elected president, he’s appointing them to his cabinet, they are empowered, they are celebrating, they’re still angry and they’re filled with hate. That is a dangerous combination, the FBI has already told us that Homegrown Domestic Right-Wing Terrorism is the number one threat to the United States right now. Why are they not out there acting? Why are they not out there investigating? Why are they not out there preventing this from happening?

That’s what Senator Cory Booker is asking and that’s what we should all be asking today. These issues have to be addressed immediately, this isn’t something that can wait. People are in danger. We have organizations in place to stop this, to fix it, why aren’t they doing anything?