In this Majority Report clip, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) goes on “The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer” on CNN to push his position that waterboarding isn’t torture. His argument includes the fact that right-wing radio DJ Mancow Muller volunteered to be waterboarded on air. That stunt lasted a few seconds, after which Muller reverses his position immediately and says it’s “absolutely torture.”

Sam Seder is an American comedian, writer, actor, film director, television producer-director, and progressive talk radio host. His works include the film Who's the Caboose? (1997) starring Sarah Silverman and Seder, as well as the television shows Beat Cops (2001) and Pilot Season (2004). He also appeared in Next Stop Wonderland (1998). Seder also made guest appearances on Spin City (1997), Sex and the City (2000) and America Undercover (2005).