President Barack Obama is set to address the nation and issue his comments on the outcome of the hard-fought presidential election.

The president has already called Donald Trump to congratulate him on his significant win. The President also set a meeting with Trump on Thursday to discuss the transfer of power to come in January.

It was no secret that President Obama was not at all a fan of Donald Trump and he campaigned vigorously for Clinton in the final weeks of the election. On multiple occasions, Obama made barbed remarks in response to Trump’s tantrums. Nevertheless, no army of Democratic establishment figures could convince the American public that Clinton was the right choice.

From eight years of a black president to a white hateful elderly man with no political or military experience. How far we’ve fallen; how many steps back we’ve taken.

The president is set to address the nation from the White House Rose Garden at 12:15 E.T.

Watch live now:

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