During a Fusion interview over the weekend, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine weighed in on the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline protests, calling on the government to reroute the pipeline off of tribal lands.

To be fair, Kaine’s assessment of the situation was timid at best, and like his running-mate, he was much more eager to offer tepid support rather than take a hard line.

Said Kaine:

“If it’s an important enough project, you ought to be able to find a route that works. What the Obama administration has done by saying, let’s look at route alternatives, I think is the right thing to do.”

Kaine’s – and Clinton’s – reluctance to side with the water protectors on this issue is a grave mistake. If they ever hope to win the support and approval of Berniecrats, they have to be unafraid of taking a stance against corporatism once in a while. Not a single Sanders fan was endeared to Clinton by her response, and though Kaine has offered a bit more support by suggesting the pipeline be moved, it is still not what the water protectors are demanding.

They are either too obtuse or too cautious to understand what the protesters are demanding.



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