Robert Reich has been an outspoken critic of the Hillary Clinton campaign from the very beginning, but in recent months, the noted political commentariat has come around and agreed that voting Clinton is the right thing to do.

Nevertheless, like many progressives the world over, he is not content to allow a President Clinton to rule unopposed. The day after the election is when the real work begins.

During an interview with Alternet’s Don Hazen, Reich shared his vision of a post-election America.

“That again is going to be a political morass if we don’t tackle it directly. I think there are two big, closely related challenges that Hillary Clinton will have to take on, assuming she’s the president, and God forbid if Donald Trump is the president he will have to take on, although I doubt he will. One is big money and politics, and the other is widening inequality. Both of them are closely related, because the big money in politics is coming from the fact that you’ve got so much income and wealth at the top. Both of them are generating deep cynicism about the capacity of our system to function.

That cynicism, unfortunately is well founded. When people talk about the rigged system, it is rigged. It’s not rigged because there are villains out there. It’s rigged because everybody is maximizing their own self-interest, politically as well as economically. Widening inequality in a rigged system means more rigging.”

You can read the entire interview with Robert Reich at Salon.

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