In Nevada on Friday evening, a majority Hispanic Clark county broke voting records when more than 57,000 people cast their ballot on the final early voting day in the state.

In order to accommodate the long lines, the deadline was extended to 10 p.m. in the county, and thousands of voters waited to cast their ballot.


Though the record itself is staggering for the county, the most attention is being paid to the early voting location at Cardenas Market which had thousands of voters waiting in line for up to two hours to cast their vote. To show support, poll workers were sent pizza and burritos by followers on the internet who were excited about the massive outpouring of Democracy at the store.

The record turnout in the state is significant for more than just that simple reason – the incredibly strong Hispanic turnout in the state is an early indication that it may be this minority group that saves the rest of the nation from the tyranny of a Trump presidency.

Early polling seems to have not taken into account the sheer volume of motivated Hispanic voters in key states like Nevada and Florida.

Though we will all be relieved to see the backside of Trump’s trumped-up ‘do, the biggest story of this election will be a powerful new voting block that refuses to tolerate being called “rapists.”

Guess that taco salad tweet really backfired, aye Don’?


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