According to the President, the enforcement of federal marijuana prohibitions will likely no longer be possible after the general election on Tuesday.

On Friday, President Barack Obama sat down with Bill Maher and discussed a litany of topics, including the growing legalization of marijuana across the country.

Maher noted that several states have various legalization measures on their ballot, and the president noted that if all of them pass, a full 1/5 of the nation will have legal marijuana laws on their books.

In this state, Obama said, the federal government will need to reassess their role in drug enforcement when it comes to marijuana. Obama said that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the DEA, FBI, DOJ, and others to create two separate law structures – one for states where marijuana is legal and another where it isn’t.

Giving the most reasonable response to legalizing marijuana from a president probably ever, Obama said that our biggest drug issue isn’t weed at all, but opioids.

We can only hope that Obama’s evolving view of marijuana is passed on to Clinton in the White House.

Obama’s remarks on marijuana begin at the 7-minute mark.


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